Debit Cards

See our high school cards here and our special design gallery further below!


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Citizens Bank is excited to feature our High School Pride Debit Cards!

Citizens Bank of Las Cruces announces our High School Pride Debit cards!  Now you can show your school pride and support your favorite school.  Citizens Bank will donate to the school shown on your card with every debit card transaction.  There is no additional cost to the card holder for the donations, and the card is available with any new or existing Citizens Bank checking account!

And, with our Instant Issue technology, you can have your card the same day (Main location) or next day (any branch).

Come get your High School Pride Debit Card TODAY!

                     251-Mayfield Trojans                                          252-Las Cruces Bulldawgs                                           254-Onate Knights

                     253-Centennial Hawks                                     255-Early College HS Trailblazers                                    256-LCPS Foundation

                  474-T or C Hot Springs Tigers 


Debit Card Gallery

We also feature a gallery of other debit card designs for customers to choose from, and will be adding more choices over time.  Our current selection is:

                     101-Default design                                                     108-Zia Design                                                106-Organ Rabbit Ears

                      104-Pecan Trees                                                    107-Organ Front                                                   105-Las Cruces 1890

                471-T or C Turtleback Mtn                                         472-T or C Circa 1953                                           473-T or C Elephant Butte



Debit Card Resources

If you want a Citizens Bank Visa Debit Card

Changing your PIN

Activating your card 

Reordering your card 

Lost/stolen card



If you want a Citizens Bank Visa Debit Card

Itís easy to see why adding the buying power of a Citizens Bank Visa Debit Card to your account makes sense!

Sign up for your Visa Debit Card today!  Click here to download the Debit Card Request form and take it in to your nearest Citizens Bank branch to order your card.  Or you can call us at 575-647-4100 and order it over the phone.

Additional disclosures and account information will follow receipt of your Citizens Bank Visa Debit Card.



If you have a Citizens Bank Visa Debit Card


Changing your PIN

If you would like to change your PIN, you can:



Activating Cards, Reordering Cards or Reporting Lost/Stolen Cards

We offer several convenient ways to manage your card.

Via ATM:  You can activate a new card by using it for the first time with your new PIN number at any of our ATMs.

Online Banking:  If you have Online Banking with us, you can now activate your card, reorder a card, or report your card lost/stolen. Just go to Options, then to ATM/Debit Card.

Mobile Banking:  If you download and use our latest Mobile banking app for Android, iPhone or iPad, you can now activate your card, reorder a card, or report your card lost/stolen, via the Manage Cards icon on the Home Page.


By Phone:  We also have a toll-free number to use for customers who want to activate their cards, reorder a card, or report a card lost/stolen.

These features are now incorporated into our Telephone Banking system, available 24 x 7 x 365.

The number to access is: 1-866-839-7285, Option 4

After choosing Option 4

  • To activate a card:
Option 1
  • To report a card Lost/Stolen:
Option 2
  • To re-order a new card (same card #):
Option 3


Local callers may also call the regular Telephone Banking system to access these features: 575-647-4199

or call us today at 1.575.647.4100 to speak with us or click here to find the location most convenient to you.