My Finance

Manage your money and track your financial goals!

What is My Finance?

My Finance is a new tool available to our Online Banking customers!  My Finance will help you see your overall financial picture by helping you to manage your money, create and follow a budget, and save towards financial goals.  It allows you to:

Is there a fee?

No, the My Finance tool is free to our customers.


How do I access it?

You must be enrolled in Online Banking.  If you are not currently enrolled in Online Banking and wish to be, call us at 575-647-4100 or click on the ENROLL NOW button in the upper right corner here on our website.

There is no additional logon and password to keep track of My Finance is part of Online Banking.

Simply log into Online Banking, look for the My Finance tab (shown below) along the top, and click on it.  The first time you do so, it will ask you to accept the Terms and Conditions and then it will help you get started right away!

To keep your information active, you must access My Finance at least once every 3 months or your data will be deactivated.  This will not affect your other Online Banking data.


Can I use My Finance with your Mobile Banking application?

Mobile functionality will be available at a later time.


Is My Finance available for Cash Management customers?

Usage for Cash Management customers will be available at a later time.


How does My Finance keep track of my non-Citizens Bank accounts?

My Finance makes use of an account aggregation service to make your non-Citizens Bank account information available, if you decide to track any of your outside accounts within My Finance.

Certain financial institutions may choose not to participate in account aggregation services.

If you search for a financial institution and it is not present in the list, you can request that it be added.

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to track any of your outside accounts within My Finance, whenever you change your password on any of those accounts, you will need to update the password within My Finance.


Does it update transactions in real-time?

Its pretty close!  You can sync up your outside accounts by clicking on them.


How can I find out more?

You can download a User Guide here.



or call us today at 1.575.647.4100 to speak with us or click here to find the location most convenient to you.