Make a Loan Payment

Now you can make a loan payment from any bank in the United States.

Use our Make-A-Payment service to provide instructions for us to withdraw a single transaction from your bank to credit a loan with Citizens Bank on our next banking business day.

Payment requests that are submitted before 4:00 pm Mountain Time will be processed for credit the next business banking day. Payment requests that are submitted after 4:00 pm Mountain Time will credit the loan in two business banking days.

Payment requests are not processed on weekends and Federal Banking Holidays.

On the Make-A-Payment entry screen, please provide the following information:

          Transaction Information - Info about the loan account.

          Account Information - Info about the bank account where the payment will be coming from.

          Billing Information - Information about you.

Entry fields highlighted with a red corner must be completed.

Payments received will be applied as a regular loan payment.

If you have questions, please contact our Support Services Department at (575) 647-4100.

Thank you!

or call us today at 1.575.647.4100 to speak with us or click here to find the location most convenient to you.